WAUDOG Retractable Dog Leash with NASA Design

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$32.00 - $56.00

Product Overview

COLLAR introduces new products with a NASA approved design! Also available in collars, leads, and harnesses.

  • Exclusive and trendy design in NASA print
  • Stylish dog leash design for every taste that will distinguish your dog from others
  • Ergonomic handle is ideal for long walks
  • A two-stage brake system allows braking or stopping the tape completely
  • Safety tape with reflective thread
  • Unique tape retractable mechanism prevents tangling
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

Small - 3.28 yard - 26.5 pound max pet weight

Medium - 5.5 yard - 33 pound max pet weight

Large - 5.5 yard - 55 pound max pet weight

X-Large - 5.5 yard - 110 pound max pet weight

Surprise your dog with the WAUDOG NASA retractable dog leash.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review